Bio gaz and oil gaz cleaning

We manufacture fully customer-specific installations for cleaning oil gas and biogas. With the patented Sulaway® desulfurization method we are able to convert raw biogas into several usable products with no waste.

Gazpack Sulaway Unit

The Sulaway® unit

The Sulaway® unit is the heart of the Gazpack installation and is a patented process. The saturated, raw (bio) gas is inserted directly into the Gas Purifier. Via a pressurized process, using our patented Sulabeads® the raw biogas is converted into three different outgoing flows.

Gazpack Sulabead® 200 system

The Sulaway® system is designed to upgrade large-scale amounts of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). And for smaller capacities, Gazpack introduced the Sulabead® 200 system. The Sulabead® 200 system is based on a cluster principle, meaning that several smaller units are placed at various locations collecting the RNG onsite.

Our products

Our patented system has now been fully developed to be implemented in both oil and gas and biogas industry.


The Sulaway® unit only adds to this sustainable process by providing usable output with no waste.


Answers to common questions about Sulaway, oild and gas and systems towards sustainable energy production.


Some tools to help you calculate metrics needed for desulfurization and compression related needs.

Piet Warnar

The replacement of natural gas with biogas is such an important contribution to sustainability. For our customers this means they can create a positive image and impact in contributing to the improvement of our green planet.

Piet Warnar - President Airpack / Gazpack

This project was made possible by a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund as part of OP-South.


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