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What are the savings by using Sulaway®?

  • For removal of H2S you are using environment friendly Sulaway®. Guaranteed life time is two years and price is the same as of active carbon. Real live is much longer.

Why active carbon should be forbidden in the industry?

  • For production of active carbon extreme high energy is required and application of coal will be banned in the near future by the environmentals.

What are the energy costs of liquefaction of CO2?

  • If the heat can be used for district heating there is no energy loss.

For producing green CO2 one can obtain green stamps. What is return on investment?

  • 9,5 years , growing trees reduces return on investment up to 2,4 years and many years of enjoyment to be in your own forest.

What is the waste produced by sweetening packages?

  • Active carbon adsorption: For removal of H2S huge quantity of waste : 300 kg per day active carbon is produced by at 100 ppmW load.
  • For amine plant: 100 kg per day.
  • Sulaway® package: The only waste is transferred into a commercial product: acid water: 34 l/h (for battery feed).
(we refer to the package shown under chapter flowscheme).

Can we increase supply of green gas with same biogas inlet flow?

  • If customer is paid per Nm3 green gas and must supply low quality gas to Dutch law requirements: minimum Wobbe index 43,46 MJ/Nm3. We can obtain 2% CO2 and add Nitrogen with a net higher flow of 2%.

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